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【SONG OF THE WEEK】The Wellingtons - I Almost Forgot it was Christmas Day

I Almost Forgot it was Christmas Day

昨年末、日本での所属レーベルThistime Recordsの設立10周年記念イベントで来日したThe Wellingtons。彼らといえば毎年素敵なクリスマスソングを作ることで有名ですが、なんと今年も無事オリジナル・クリスマスソングを届けてくれました。クリスマスの時期だったなんてすっかり忘れていたよ、というタイトルでギリギリに届けられた「I Almost Forgot it was Christmas Day」。めでたくSONG OF THE WEEKに選出です。

こちらはBandcampで1ドルから購入可能。売上げは全て動物の里親募集を行う非営利団体、RSPCA Victoriaに寄付されるとのこと。

The Wellingtonsは先日発売された80'sのニューロマ・エレポップのカバーコンピ『Here Comes The Reign Again: The Second British Invasion』にもYazooの「Only You」で参加している。

1. Chris Collingwood - Life In A Northern Town
2. Jim Boggia & Pete Donnelly - Goody Two Shoes
3. Mike Viola - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
4. Big-Box Store - Kids In America
5. Secret Friend - West End Girls
6. Minky Starshine - True
7. People On Vacation - Cruel Summer
8. Linus Of Hollywood - Everytime You Go Away
9. Kelly Jones - Something About You
10. The Wellingtons - Only You
11. TeamMate - Tenderness
12. Chris Price - Don't You Want Me
13. Tracy Bonham - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
14. Cliff Hillis - Wouldn't It Be Good
15. Eric Barao - Tainted Love
16. Freedy Johnston - Promises, Promises
17. Rachael Yamagata - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
18. David Mead - Save A Prayer
19. Mike Doughty - Relax
20. Taylor Locke - Dancing With Myself
21. Ken Stringfellow - Digging Your Scene
22. The Davenports - Freedom
23. Graham Alexander - They Don't Know
24. Eytan Mirsky & Alyson Greenfield - No One Is To Blame
25. The Corner Laughers - Our House
26. The Nines - Life's What You Make It
27. Bleu - Don't You (Forget Abo

01. Devil in a Cardigan
02. The Coolest Drug
03. Hey Hey
04. Under the Power of a Girl
05. Another Drummer Down


Dec 24, 2014





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