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PEELGREEMS "First Step To Merry Test ..."

2010(PEELPROD) ¥1575(taxin) POWERPOP of the month

これはびっくりの大化け!ピアノとパワーポップ、そしてジャパニーズポップス(ほんの少々の神話的雰囲気と「翼をください」感)が狂気のミックス!!!1曲目からブッとびました。もしかしたらこのアルバム、あなたの2011年度ベストの大穴になるかもしれません。Peelgreemsのファーストフルアルバム!!くるりが大好きだというジャパニーズポップス狂のフランス人Alexis Hadefiが見事にやってくれました。ジャケットには必ず日本語でピールグリームスと入る熱心さとAKBなんて名前が踊る曲名もこの2011年な<パワーポップ>に相応しい。The Polyphonic SpreeのメンバーやDillinger Escape Planのベーシストもゲスト参加するなどノーボーダーな活躍ぶりも愛すべき存在かも。The Polyphonic Spreeはもちろん日本のSuemitsu & The Suemithが好きな人にも。何年後かに日本で大変な人になっていそうな気もする・・・。先着順でバッジ(23mm×23mm)特典アリ。

Track Lisiting:
1. History Part 2
2. Akb48 Team P ..
3. Nice Birdie Life
4. Hypee Yo
5. I'm Sorry
6. Six Feet Under
7. Shenmue
8. "L" Like The Sun Over My Head
9. Life's A Tear
10. Fist Of The Neou-North Star
11. A Great Dictator

Alexis Hadefi


Quruli, Lily Chou Chou, Tripping Daisy, The Polyphonic Spree, Primus, Alan Menken, Rondo Veneziano ...


Peelgreems polypop marvel "First Step to Merry Test" post-roundabouts anything you might expect. Which isn't to say there is here only that of which you haven't previously partaken. Much familiar will you find but it is the mystic magical magnificence of Peelgreems' unique flavor of pop music - so broad and expansive, the only comparison I can even broadly make off the top of my head is The Flaming Lips and that's in a sort of just general way, see? - so much power here, so bright it's beautifully blinding. I can see psychedelic images exploding symmetrically but organically like an electric flower in my mind but with energy, not pushy though, but swelling, like muscley clouds, friendly and gusty gusto like in their shouldering smoothly through in a smooth wallop kind of way - what I mean to say is, this is some seriously unique and lit up pop powerful music man ...

Upchuck Undergrind

Alexis Hadefi from Peel Prod - a small but devoted force of underground music - has presented something familiar yet unique. What you'll find here is solid post-modern indie rock (some would lump it with emo, etc.) that boasts cool melodies, nice guitar licks, solid vocals, groovy percussive textures - and a cool concept. Take metalcore musicians and do pop rock. Does it work? You bet it does. Does it rock? Damn right. This band's sound is both familiar yet distinctive, and features production by a member of Polyphonic Spree, and bass work from a Dillinger Escape Plan member and an ex-Candiria percussionist on drums. The experiment is a successful one and a terrific example of pop rock.