THE DAY TRADERS "The Day Traders"

2005(Self Released) ¥2900(taxin)

廃盤・レア!The Dentのメンバーが在籍するメロディック・パワーポップDUO。The Dentでも証明されているように拠点であるニューヨークでは「Fountains Of Wayne meets Simon&Garfunkle」、「もしFOWとSqueezeとBee Gees子供を生んだら・・・・」と呼ばれたりするほど評価が高く、二人がそれぞれに高クオリティーの作曲能力を擁していることも前述のように称される理由となっている。優しくて温かみのあるポップサウンドに、ストーリー性を感じさせる曲を見事に歌いこなすボーカル。MOOG+ファズギターを使ったこれぞパワーポップというドライヴィン・ソング"Worry About"は必聴。

Track Lisiting:
1 Tonight I Wanna Be Sad
2 Why
3 Out of My Head
4 Sorry About the Time
5 Worry About You
6 The Night They Said Goodbye
7 Fantasy
8 Goodnight
9 Work It Out
10 Someone Else Will
11 Come Home

Mitch Linker and Jeff Norberg


Mitch Linker and Jeff Norberg, A.K.A. The Day Traders, are a pop/rock song writing team from Fairfield, CT. For years, the two worked together as the main songwriters for Connecticut's beloved independent art-pop band The Dent. The fruits of their “Dent” collaborations produced a slew of songwriting awards, a handful of independent film placements, and inclusion on several indie music compilations.

After The Dent disbanded in late 2003, Linker and Norberg began collaborating with New York veteran producer/singer/songwriter Saul Zonana, resulting in their debut release as The Day Traders.

Likened to Guster, the Fountains of Wayne, the Bee Gees, Bread and the Connells to name a few, The Day Traders' record is a stunning collection of timeless, passionate, fun, radio-ready pop/rock - made to be played loudly.

Linker and Norberg will be showcasing songs from The Day Traders record throughout the northeast in the New Year as part of their East Coast Blue State Tour. Check back frequently for updates. Below are some other highlights from their career with The Dent.