CODAPHONIC "Good Morning Radio"

2006(SELF) ¥1,400(taxin)

Tennesse、Nashville印のパワーポップ!!CodaphonicのデビューEP”Good Morning Radio”。2006年に自主リリースされ、オーガニックできわめてメロディアスと高評価を受けた本作をファーストアルバムThe Ballads of Codapahonicと共に緊急輸入。XTC好きを公言するだけあってやたらとヒネクれて、ネジれまくってる曲なのですが、キャッチーで印象的なリフやohh-Uhhコーラスなど見所満載のポップさで不思議とコンパクトにまとめられている天然素材。同じUSのSHEBOYGANのもつ脱力ポップ感などにも通じるセンスに要注目。3回聴けば病みつき間違いなし。

Track Lisiting: (全曲試聴
1 Good Morning Radio
2 Hollawalla Omacalla Wee
3 Can We Talk?
4 Hearts Will Roll
5 Don't Be Suprised
6 Ritalin

Cody Newman - Guitar, Vox
Taylor Jones - Bass, Vox
Justin Harris - Drums, Vox
Geoff Smith - Keys, Vox


Codaphonic began in Nashville, TN during the summer of 2005 when three friends, Cody Newman (guitar), Taylor Jones (bass) and Justin Harris (drums) came together out of a deep appreciation for literate pop/rock music in the tradition of The Beatles, Harry Nilsson, XTC, Jellyfish and Ben Folds. Shortly thereafter, the band began work on their first EP, Good Morning Radio, which was released independently in late 2006. The EP is “filled with catchy hooks, strong melodies, and enough ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s to break through the deepest gloom” (Jack Silverman, Nashville Scene). But underlying the bright pop exterior are lyrics that combine the introspective with the ironic, and the heartfelt with the humorous. The independent release was well received and the press took notice that this initial offering "augurs great things for the future" (Gina Morris, Evolution of Media).

Soon after the release of Good Morning Radio, the band was introduced to piano popster, Geoff Smith, whom they invited to sit in for a number of Nashville shows. The more fleshed out sound worked so well that the band invited him to join them in the recording of their debut full-length album, The Ballad of Codaphonic. For this record, the band returned to the same team that helped them record the EP, local engineers/friends Mike Paragone and David Axelrod. Supplemented by horns, strings and even steel guitar, the new album successfully expands the band's sound while maintaining their unique voice as showcased on the first EP. From the opening two minute rocker "Never Slows Down" to the ornate album closer, "Beethoven's Birthday," The Ballad of Codaphonic carries the listener through a variety of diverse, intelligently crafted pop/rock songs.

Codaphonic’s music is organic and alive, constantly growing and exploring new ways in which to more fully realize their sound.