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GLOWFRIENDS "A farewell To Fair - Weather"

2007(JAM) ¥1,800(taxin) NEW ARRIVAL 08.11.15

MarkとAprilのMorris兄妹による叙情的で美しいシューゲイジング・アコースティックポップ。当ディストロでも大ヒットの3枚組パワーポップコンピ「Sweet Relief」で聴かせたてくれたフィーメールボーカルが儚く切ない名曲"All Comes Down"収録。この曲で、彼女らのCDを取り寄せてほしいという注文を多数いただくほど。パワーポップバンドばかりのJam Recordsでも異色な存在で、My Bloody Valentine、Slowdive、Mazzystar、Cocteau Twinsらと比較されるのも納得なポップだけでないダークでひりひりした旋律を響かせている。90'sの4AD~Jejuneのようなエモバンド好きにも,もちろんYo La Tengo、Galaxy500、Red House Paitersファンにも。

Track Lisiting:
2.bow your head
3.all comes down
5.bitter gets around
6.distance one
7.little daylight
8.january, february
9.breaktime is over
11. flowers
12. to say what i can’t say
13. all gone, goodbye
14. aurora
15. distance two
16. arise, the bells of morning

April Morris - vocals, tambourine, cymbals.
Mark Andrew Morris - vocals, guitar, piano.
Holly Klutts-Morris - bass guitar, vocals.
Jenn Hendrix - vibraphone, glockenspiel.
J.W. Hendrix III - drums, percussion.

OFFICE: www.myspace.com/glowfriends
MYSPACE: www.glowfriends.net/

Beginning in 1996, Mark Morris and his sister April Morris started writing songs and recording cassette demos in their parents' basement. They started playing live as an acoustic duo around 1999. By 2000 Mark and April had finished recording their first album 'So glad to be Here,' which was officially released on Jam Records in 2001. Later that year glowfriends began playing shows as a four-piece with violinist, Erin Butler, and her brother Brendan, ..o. In 2002 the band's line up expanded further, with the addition of Mark and April's childhood friend J.W. Hendrix on drums, and Mark's longtime girlfriend Holly Klutts on bass guitar. The six of them spent the better half of 2004 in the studio recording their second album, 'Leave The Hall Light On," which was released May 21st, 2005 on Jam Records. glowfriends performed many dates for the International Pop Overthrow Festival in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles, as well as many local shows in and around the Michigan area. Following the release of their second album, some big changes took place within the band. With the departure of their violinist and cellist, the band began to move in a different direction. glowfriends started work on a new record with Chicago producer/engineer, Charlie Piper, who came to Kalamazoo and recorded the glowfriends basic tracks for 16 songs within 5 days. On December 17th, 2005, guitarist Mark Morris and bassist Holly Klutts were wed. Not long after that, Jenn Hendrix (J.W. Hendrix's wife) joined the band on vibraphone in January of 2006. That same year, glowfriends performed several dates in Liverpool, England, in May, and a string of dates on the West Coast during the summer. glowfriends released their third album, ‘A Farewell to Fair-Weather,' which was released on Jam Records, on March 3rd, 2007. The band played shows throughout the year, in and around the Midwest and a couple of dates on the West Coast, including a rare television appearance on a San Diego News Station in July 2007, and peformed at the first annual KALAMASHOEGAZER fest (an event started by glowfriends, singer, April Morris) in Kalamazoo, MI on August 24th, 2007. The band is has just compleated the final session of recording for a forthcoming, 4th album, title TBA, which is tenatively planned for a November 2008 release.