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VA "Planet Of The Popboomerang VOL2"

2005(POPBOOMERANG) ¥1,500(taxin) NEW ARRIVALS 2008.6.27

ダブルディスク、46曲入りになって戻ってきたPopboomerangのパワーポップコンピレーションのヴォリューム2!今回はディスク1が世界の、そしてディスク2がアメリカのバンドというようにパワーポップ大国アメリカへの宣戦布告?!とも取れる内容。もちろんレアトラックや未発表にこだわる姿勢は相変わらずでパワーポップひいてはポップミュージックを愛する心が隅々まで行き渡った良質コンピレーション!スコットランドのGreen Peppers(ex-Soup Dragons/BMX bandits/Superstar)の提供曲にはベルセバのIsobelも参加。Pop Music Is Universal!

Track Lisiting: (全曲試聴
1 The Oranges: Beautiful (Japan)
2 Shiner 22: No Matter Where You Go (Denmark)
3 Go You Huskies: Cubbyhouse (Australia & Norway)
4 Ricky: That Extra Mile (UK
)5 Milli Davis: $4.15 (Australia)
6 Scrambled Eggs: Dead Someday (alternate version) (France)
7 Adrian Whitehead: Spector's Dead (Australia)
8 Gigantic: Mr Sound (Australia)
9 Green Peppers: Blink Of An Eye (Scotland)
10 Cosmic Rough Riders: I Call Her Name (Scotland)
11 Tamas Wells: The Marytn's are Scared as Hell (Australia)
12 Kelly's Heels: Invisible Hold (remix) (England)
13 Chris Murphy: Confide (Australia)
14 American Suitcase: Hun Kommer I Farger (Norway)
15 Tim Reid: This Time 'Round (Australia)
16 The Rumours: If I Could See You (demo) (Australia)
17 Ryan Ellsmore: I've Had Enough (Australia)
18 Michael Carpenter: Miracles (Australia)
19 The Lemon Clocks: Not Your Puppet (Sweden & USA)
20 Paul Vallen: Dark Haired Girl (Australia)
21 Idiot Grin: Reluctant Guy (Australia)
22 Vocoder: Norwegian (New Zealand)
23 The Richies: Today (full length version) (Australia)
24 Jeremy : National Anthem
25 Lolas: Staying Inside
26 Spinning Jennies: Big Deal
27 The Daizy Pops: Dana The Forklift Driver Girl
28 Dutch Elms: Cleopatra
29 Bedsit Poets: February Kisses
30 Brad Harvey: Blinded By Your Love
31 Maple Mars: Beautiful Mess
32 Florapop: Sunshine Sky
33 Mark DeCerbo: Every Whisper From You
34 The Insiders (Pop Is Art): Slightly Cracked
35 Neilson Hubbard: If the Memories Lose Their Minds
36 Chris Richards: I'm No Better Than You
37 Cloud Eleven: Crippling
38 glowfriends: Valentine
39 Bobby Sutliff: Oh Lorelei
40 Herb Eimerman: Unbreakable
41 The Clifton Foundation: Squirrel Conspiracy
42 Brian Jay Cline: Last Stop On Your Train
43 The Hipnotes: Carry's Ring
44 Jeremy: Here To Stay
45 Blue Ash: Say Goodbye
46 Blue Ash: She Cried For
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