Evan - Guitar/ Vox
Matt - Guitar/ Vox
Kyle - Bass/ Vox
Kevin - Drums

E-CARD "Perfect 13"
E-CARD "Reset"


2007年、Powerpop Academyの日本初となるパワーポップコンピOK!POWERPOPに収録された名曲Sympathyが大きな支持を受けたオハイオのFizzgig。彼ら才能あふれる若き4人組はそのまま間髪入れずに、その年の末計13曲のオリジナルジャパンアルバムPerfect 13を日本でリリースした。これは著名なパワーポッププロデューサーBrad Stenz(a.k.a MOTH)とともにUK/EUむけにレコーディングしたEURO EP7曲に加え廃盤となったアルバム'Three Word Title' から5曲、さらにまもなく完成のフルアルバムに収録されなかった未発表最新曲"Secret Leak"を加えた独自編集版であった。 Perfect13の高評価などどこ吹く風のFizzgigは2008年に入るとついに待望のファーストアルバムを完成。日本で2008年5月14日リリースされることが決定した。



- Dan Jones "The traditional and profoundly conservative city of Cincinnati, Ohio, isn't exactly regarded as a world-renowned musical hotbed. So it's especially hard to imagine the soaring melodies of Fizzgig emerging from such a creatively oppressive climate. 'You Can't Have Me' is full of the kind of summery pop-rock goodness that Rivers Cuomo has had trouble penning ever since the commercial (but certainly not artistic), failure of Weezer's 1996 sophomore album Pinkerton. Each of the three tracks contain more hooks than an Olympic fishing final, from the flawless pop-punk of 'You Can't Have Me', the upbeat harmonies of 'Star Tonight' to the unhurried, simplicity of the All American Rejects-esque 'In It'. Punk purists will of course, detest this undeniably commercial single, but that's their problem. On this evidence, Fizzgig have the quality to bypass kindred spirits, Fountains Of Wayne and Hellogoodbye and join Fall Out Boy straight in the pop-punk major leagues."

- Kit Garrett - Black Velvet
"This debut mini-album from cincinati power-pop quartet Fizzgig throws up some interesting surprises Opener "Sympathy" combines a mad-deningly effective vocal hook with simple yet sultably driving guitars, which rather than ratcheting up the tension just help the song tick over at an excellent and satisfying pace."You Can't Have Me". meanwhile, is deceptively complex making excellent use if soniclayering(particulary in the kick ass guitar solo).its childhood sing-song chorus fits the mood of the song perfectly, complimenting the sterling guitar work going on around it. The only disappointment comes with "Friday Night", its droning, whiny vocal clashing horribly with the comparatively upbeat backing.Despite its occasionally hackneyed lyrics "Fiszzgig." is a very listenable and enjoyable album. whilist by no means breaking new ground it deserves recognition for its honestly and lack of pretension


Weezer, Fountains Of Wayne,


Weezer, Fountains Of Wayne, Ozma, Bowling for soup, The Rentals, Superchunk, Sonic Surf City, Jellyfish, Beach Boys, Second Saturday, Clueless, Silversun


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